YUCHIP The Leading LED Display Manufacturer and  LED Screen Supplier Since 2004

  • YUCHIP is committed to showing the wonderful world by offering industry-leading outdoor and indoor LED display products and solutions.
  • Our world-class LED displays are certified with CE, RoHS, CCC, FCC, EMC, SABER, BIS, SONCAP, etc.
  • The high-quality LED display has been exported to over 102 countries.
  • We can customize the LED display size, shape, and pixel pitch for each of your projects.

Why Choose YuChip for Your LED Screen Display Needs?

High-quality LED screens with vivid colors and crystal-clear images for both indoor and outdoor use. Advanced technology for precision and reliability. Customizable LED displays for unique requirements. Competitive pricing. Exceptional customer service. Contact us today to start your LED screen display project and experience the difference with YuChip.

Discover YuChip Indoor LED Screens

YuChip offers a variety of indoor fixed LED displays in different resolutions and sizes, with pixel pitches ranging from 0.9mm to 5mm. We provide standard cabinet sizes of 640x480mm and 500x500mm, but can customize sizes to fit your installation needs.

InFiSlim Series LED Display

The InFiSlim Series LED display, being ultra-thin and sleek, best fits advertising needs indoors as it saves space and area. You can also install it in various ways such as fixed-on-walls, hanging, on escalators or windows, and more with its full-front maintenance.

InFiLite Series LED Display

The InFiLite Series excels in cost-effectiveness, providing long-term value without sacrificing quality or performance. These LED displays are energy-efficient, require low maintenance, and are built to last, ensuring your investment pays off in reliability and visual impact.

InFiPanel Series LED Display

The InFiPanel LED Display offers customizable cabinet sizes in both steel and aluminum, with maintenance accessibility from either the front or rear.

Indoor LED PostAir Serise

An LED poster is a modern advertising tool using LED technology to show eye-catching and dynamic content. It's a flexible and captivating way to share information, promotions, or brand messages with specific audiences.

Discover YuChip Outdoor LED Screens

Outdoor LED screens offer a fantastic way to show different content, such as text, images, and videos, to attract an audience. They are widely used as advertising LED screens, stadium LED screens, church LED screens, and more. YUCHIP’s high-quality outdoor LED screen has been exported to over 102 countries as a global LED screen supplier.

Perimeter Eco LED Screen

Specially designed for sports arenas and outdoor venues, the Perimeter Eco LED Screen is robust, reliable, and resilient. It stands out for its high brightness and wide viewing angles, ensuring clear visibility even in direct sunlight. Like its counterparts, it minimizes environmental impact through efficient power use and durable materials.

Curved Eco LED Screen

The Curved Eco LED Screen offers an immersive viewing experience for those seeking a visually dynamic display solution. Its ability to bend and flex allows for creative installations that captivate audiences. Ideal for malls, exhibitions, and entertainment venues, this screen is a technological marvel and a testament to eco-friendly design.

Eco Pro Series LED Screen

The Eco Pro Series LED Screen offers stunning visuals with its diverse pixel pitches. Its pixel pitches may range from P2.5 to P10.42 suitable for outdoor and other advertising applications.

Ultra-thin Outdoor LED Screen

Great pixel pitch ranges from P2.5, P3.076, P4, P5, P6.67, P8, to P10. The ultra-thin and lightweight cabinet saves your structure and labor cost. It uses a high-precision die-casting aluminum cabinet with only 100mm thickness and 32kg per cabinet.

Discover Our Transparent & Rental LED Screens

Fixed Installation LED

Our high-performance LED displays provide clear and visible content delivery, even in direct sunlight.

Rental LED Display

Rent top-of-the-line LED screens from YuChip for outdoor events, fairs, concerts, and more.

Mobile LED Display

Looking for a versatile and portable outdoor LED screen for your events? YuChip's mobile LED screens are easy to set up and showcase stunning visuals that draw crowds and enhance your brand visibility.

Transparent LED Display

Our transparent LED displays are the perfect solution for storefront advertising and building installations. They allow natural light to pass through, providing an elegant and informative display.

Flexible LED Screen

Our flexible LED screens are designed for easy installation and perfect for curved, spherical, or cylindrical applications. Get creative with unique designs and take your digital signage to the next level with YuChip's flexible LED screens.

Experience the Brilliance of YuChip Outdoor LED Screens

YuChip offers an extensive range of outdoor LED screens that delivers vibrant and dynamic visuals, even in broad daylight. Our LED displays are weather-resistant, energy-efficient, and come with easy-to-use control systems for seamless operation.





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